Carmonti S.A.

Focused on placing high-quality products in the market, CARMONTI S.A. has never refrained from investing in technology and training.

Carmonti focuses on implementing good Environmental Management practices: the company’s project included a wastewater treatment plant and a by-product utilisation plant, which transforms most industrial plant residues in products for animal feeding (meat, bones and lard powdered for animal feed).


Our quality label is developed by the Portuguese League of Animal Rights [LPDA] for the International market. It is exclusively awarded to products that comply with the requirements relating to care and production conditions and with statutory requirements pertaining to animal welfare. Pigs with the LDPA quality label have more space, diversion materials and more opportunities to exercise their natural behaviour compared to pigs in the customary pig farming sector.


Besides the fact that Carmonti SA is an LDPA supplier, we are also a chain director. All the pigs we broker are well known for their excellent condition in terms of quality as well as health. This is mainly due to the attention that the entire chain devotes to the pigs’ welfare, diet, and living conditions. As a chain director, we can ensure higher quality products for all our customers.