pork fat for sale 出售猪油



pork fat for sale

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cutting back fat from the loin in pork. Definitely the pig’s fat that is the toughest and has the highest melting point.

Product composition: pork fat for sale
Color: The fat is white with a pale pink tint
Smell: Fresh, typical for fat
Packing: Poly-block, carton box
Expiration date: 12-24 months
Purpose: For further cutting and deboning for processing delicatesse sausages with requirement of high melting temperutare of fat
Transportation and storage conditions: -18*С

Many charcuterie recipes depend on pork back fat because it has the right amount of fat for successful curing and preservation.

Pork back fat is frequently the crucial component that distinguishes between a poor product and one that is genuinely great, whether it is being used to make traditional French pâté, Italian salami, or British black pudding.