where to buy pork liver


where to buy pork liver

where to buy pork liver A good source of vitamin A, iron, copper, phosphorus, zinc, B vitamins, and vital fatty acids, liver is a very protein- and nutrient-dense food.

From farms in Wiltshire, Somerset, and the South West, we obtain regional beef.

Our grass-fed, happy pigs live outdoors in the beautiful British countryside. We support and promote a sustainable and moral approach to eating meat by collaborating with local farmers and producers.

Pork Liver Powder Ingredients

Protein, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, copper, iron, and selenium are all found in large quantities in pork liver powder. All of these minerals are vital for your health.

pork liver  considerably superior thann other  foods including beef, pork, eggs, milk, broccoli, and carrots.

Prevention of anemia

Iron deficiency  frequently linked to anemia. Iron, which often found in foods that are blood tonics, is abundant in pork liver.

Pork liver consumption can control and enhance the hematological system’s physiological function in people with anemia.

Product Specification.
Frozen Pork Specifications:
Detailed Description:
– Washed and clean.
– No blood.
– No bad smell.
– White skin.
– No bruises.
– No broken bones
– Moisture content: less thann 3%.
– No black pads.
– Drainage: 0 to -5°C for 8 hours.
– No traces of carved deep wounds.
– No ammonia burns.
– Blasted at: -40°C.
– Storage at: -20°C
– 100% Fresh and Frozen
– Duringg Transportation: minus 10~15C
-Shelf Life: 12 -24 months from production date
Safe for human consumption